Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning 2010

We arrived home from Maui on Christmas Eve at about 10:30 pm and there were still some "things" that needed to be done so once we got the kids to bed I went to work. Making sure Santa had his cookies and milk.....

The kids woke ups around 8 which was super early Hawaii time but worked well for me since I was up until about 2 pm pacific time. After making the kids pose for the Christmas morning photos the got to open their presents.

The HUGE present for the year was for Sarah. We finally gave in and got her the turtle {tortoise} she has been asking for for years.

Meet Yortoise the Tortoise

We wrapped the terrarium with all the things she would need for a turtle in it and she opened it last. When she opened it she was rather confused and someone asked "what do you think would go in there" I had the turtle in a small box and walked over to her and said "I don't know, what do you think of this?". We thought she would jump up and down with excitement but instead she started crying saying "Oh my gosh, a turtle, a turtle, I NEVER ever thought you would get em a turtle!" She broke down in tears and made everyone else cry also. Oh except for Ian. He would want that pointed out.


The Pink Princess said...

What a sweet story! I do hope those were tears of joy, correct? You are amazing!!!

The Pink Princess said...

Oh, and nice job getting your post in and THANK YOU!!! For the text to remind me!! ;)