Monday, November 3, 2008

Disney at night

Cinderella's castle was beautiful at night

We spent time in the hotel recharging {quiet time and swimming} so we were ready to spend the evenings in the park.

Sarah loved that Tinkerbell's wand would light up the lights around Mickey Mouse at night.

We headed back into Disneyland one night with perfect timing to watch the Parade of Dreams come down Main Street.

The picture on the right is just after the parade was over - CHAOS to say the least.
Even though the park was open for another hour we gave up and went back to the hotel, it seamed like too much effort to "swim upstream" to get anywhere.

My goal was to get a family photo hear but it never happened so I settled for everyone but me.

This is California Adventure at night. It truly was a beautiful place at night with all the lights reflecting in the water.

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Scrapbook1 said...

Love all the family pics. Can't wait to see them all!