Monday, November 3, 2008


Disney has a new area called Pixie Hollow where you get the opportunity to meet a couple of fairies and then meet with and have your photo taken with Tinkerbell. The line for this was painfully long at all times so on one morning as soon as the park opened we made a b-line for Pixie Hallow and even then we were in line for 30 minutes {short compared to 1:45 minimum wait the day before}. Ian and Terry took the opportunity to ride the Matterhorn as the girls and I waited for Tink and joined us as we were about to go in. The girls LOVED meeting Tinkerbell and Ian, well lets just say he is a good sport! {Notice the distance between him and Tinkerbell}

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Tara said...

I love it! I've always pictured her as a little smaller, but it would be so fun to meet Tink! Julia Roberts is my favortie, but this one looks pretty too!