Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Disney Style

We went trick-or-treating in California Adventure on Halloween night. They closed down the park at 6 PM and we could re-enter {with additional tickets} the park at 7 PM. I packed the kid's costumes along with a new one for Ian because he was a life size box of Nerds at school. Sarah was a black widow spider {that I actually made}, Emily was a cheetah and Ian ended up being a skeleton with a painted face and a cool shirt that I found before we left.  As we left the park around 6 we noticed that they were putting extra Halloween decorations up like the Mickey Mouse ghost Sarah is standing in front of and booths where the kids would trick-or-treat.

The kids were very excited to put on their costumes and score some candy - even Terry got in on the fun and dressed up as Jack Sparrow. Some of the rides were open and I got the opportunity to ride California Screaming {quite the scary and exciting roller coaster} but the favorite ride of the night was the Toy Story 3D Midway Mania. We didn't last very long in the park {being too exhausted to keep going} and were back in our hotel room by 9:25, just in time to watch the fireworks from our balcony.

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