Monday, June 18, 2012

Vegas Baby

After stalking the call list most of the day and watching myself move up I was finally assigned a trip..... And a 3 day trip at that with my first Vegas layover! Yea Baby!

I was super excited for the layover but bummed that my brother and his family was out of town.

The trip was a 3, 2, 1. Meaning 3 legs the first day. 2 the second and 1 the last. It's nice to get the longest day over with first but every day started at the crack of dawn and I was perpetually tired.

The first night we had a layover in SFO and had the pleasure of waking up to the fire alarm going off at 1am. Such excitement! After I put clothes on to head out when it was determined to be a false alarm.

I flew with a great crew and worked in the back with Kelly who was so much fun to work with.

Once we got to Vegas it was a quiet and less exciting layover if you can believe it. The hotel is a mile or more away from the strip and doesn't have a casino in it. It did have a small pool and Kelly and I hung out there {mostly in the pool} in 106 degree temperature for a few hours before meeting the other flight attendant for dinner later. Then it was bed time and one leg home the next day. 

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