Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Dear Emily, 
My little baby turned 8 today and I don’t know where the years went. It feels like yesterday that you were going into Kindergarten and now you will be entering the 3rd grade in the fall. You are such a wonderful mix of little girl and tom-boy, wanting to wear dresses with all the frilly things on them playing Pokémon, loving reptiles and asking for play dates and even sleepovers with the boys in your class.

You are ready and willing to give a hug or a kiss and a helping hand around the house. You have a sense of style all your own, putting together quite the interesting outfits.
You love the color pink, animals, and Dragons and draw them almost every day.

 You spend most of your time drawing or working on something creative and I love to watch you as your mind works.

I’m not sure what your most favorite thing to eat is these days but you’re willing to try just about anything and everything and have recently really enjoyed eating Cesar salad.
I can’t get over how much you have grown, both physically and emotionally over the last year but I see it by how much you do all on your own. And when you put you mind to something there is no stopping you, like learning to ride your bike. You made up your mind you would learn to do it and so you did!

These days if you get into trouble it is usually because you are fighting with Sarah but a littler separation and maybe time out dose wonders for the both of you. You two girls have been sleeping in the same room and bed with each other for over two years now with only an occasional night in you respective beds. This year when Sarah went to camp you were a little lost and wanted to sleep on the couch every night.
 When you turn into a couch potato you like to watch iCarley or Dragon Ball Z Kai and you also enjoy playing games on the computer or your game boy.

Your bedroom hasn’t changed since we moved into this house. The walls are painted green and your bedding is pink and green and quite girly. You asked today if you could redecorate you room with a dog theme, which was what all your party plates, had on them for your party.

Your best characteristic is you loving heart. You care deeply for people and animals and show that love on a daily basis.

I am so proud of the little girl you are becoming. I love you so much and am so blessed to have you as my baby.
I love you to the moon Emily.

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Michelle said...

Love! Miss that little girl of yours... and you!!