Sunday, October 3, 2010

Deep Conversations

Ian was watching TV with me and someone mentioned losing a child and he said
"I think it is harder to lose a child who is older than a younger one because you would know them better"

I said "you think so?" "I'm not sure you can put a label like harder or easier on losing a child. We lost Matthew when he was a baby and that WAS super hard but I can not imagine losing you or one of your sisters"

He thought about it for a bit and then said "I think it would be harder for me to lose you or dad"

Which made me say "Oh yea? Why do you say that?"

and Ian replied "Because we are young and we depend on you both."

This was just one of the deep conversations we had tonight. We had another about his observations of people. He is quite observant, as are most kids I am sure.

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