Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of School 2010

We survived the first day of school but there may have been some questionable moment as we were trying to get out the door. The first day is always free dress and lucky for us we figured out what everyone was going to wear the night before.

On the way to school Emily expressed her concern about knowing "where to stop" which I figures out was knowing what classroom to go to. I assured her that I would walk her to her room and she was fine. She is sitting right up front near the teacher as is Ian and Sarah, hummm do those teachers know something about the Sedgewick kids?
Sarah between the two Megans
Ian in his 6th grade classroom.
I wasn't sure it was acceptable for me to take photos of him now that he is a middle schooler but then decided I wanted the photos anyway. He is sitting at a grouping of 5 desks with 3 girls and one other boy. I am hoping that my friends daughter rubs off on him with her organizational skills.
this was the stack of "things" on the desks when they arrived, so much stuff I was overwhelmed.

It was exciting to talk to the kids at the end of the day when they got in the car, Ian was super excited about science and talked my ear off about what he learned in that class today and both girls really like their teacher and had great days.

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Molly Bell said...

Very cute! I hadn't been on blogger since July! You just inspired me to do a quick post!!! Katie told me today that Emily still calls her Katiebell! I hope she does forever!