Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Exploring Puuhonua O Honaunau

We headed out for a day of exploring today
Sarah looking like my pretty little Hawaiian Girl
One of our stops for the day was Puuhonua O Honaunau National Historic Park

In old Hawaii, you had broken a law the penalty was death. Perhaps you had entered into an area that was reserved for only the chiefs, or had eaten forbidden forbidden. Laws, or kapu, governed every aspect of Hawaiian society. The penalty for breaking these laws was certain death. Your only option for survival is to elude your pursuers and reach the nearest puuhonua, or place of refuge.
As you enter, the great wall rises up before you marking the boundaries between the royal grounds and the sanctuary. Many ki'i (carved wooden images) surround the Hale o Keawe, housing the bones of the chiefs that infuse the area with their power or mana. If you reached this sacred place, you would be saved.

and after we walked around the sacred area we headed out to the lava pad where the tide was out and we checked out the tide pools. The kids really enjoyed looking at all the living creatures close up. Emily REALLY wanted to take a crab home.
The family
We walked out to the edge of the lava pad and watched the waves fill and recede some of the valleys. I was a bit nervous as the kids approached the edge.

This valley was amazing to watch as the water was sucked out and then rushed back it.
half full and almost full
me standing in front of the valley ~ getting splashed

Terry~ always has to push the limits
Sarah with Aiden {a boy from her class who's family is also in Kona} cracks me up. She always says and does the funniest things
After we were done exploring we headed to a local bar-b-q place and ate some very yummy food.

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