Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Flight time

We got up at the crack of dawn {and me with only about 2 hours of sleep} to make our flight to Seattle and then to Hawaii. The kids were super excited so they got right up and got dressed without complaint.

Once at the airport I wanted to take a photo for my 365 project and the kids were willing to help me out with one of my favorite themes ~ Bench Monday~ however they were willing to "sit" on the bench but not "stand" with all the people around.
On the airplane the kids all sat together and were really very good {even got a few complements from other passengers as we got off the airplane in Hawaii}. Ian watched his iPod and the girls watched a movie or two. The flight was quite long {6 hours 15 min} so it was nice to have entertainment for them.
One of the flight attendants name was Susanna {no h} and that combined that I used to be a Flight Attendant got us a free movie player and a few drinks too.

Our flight however was not event free...

Emily returned from using the bathroom in tears sobbing and when I asked what was wrong she wouldn't tell me. After I insisted she gave in and told me that she didn't know how to lock the door and someone walked in on her and she was embarrassed. Poor thing was a bucket of tears and needed a lot of extra love'n. She even sat on my lap for awhile {which I loved}.

I ended up sitting next to Sarah as we were landing. The Flight Attendants were preparing the flight for landing and the gear had just gone down when Sarah got the worse bloody nose ever. OMGosh! So much blood. The F/A's gave me tissue and opened up the bio hazard kit and it still wasn't enough. Poor Sarah had blood all over her pants, her shirt, and the thing that upset her the most all over BunBun {her most treasured stuffed animal, a bunny}. That BunBun had blood on her was enough to dissolve her to tears. Not the bloody noes, but the blood on the bunny. I promised I would try to get it out. I actually came out of the mess with just the smallest amount of blood on my white shirt.

The last thing that happened was amidst all the chaos of the "nose" we ended up leaving our case of movies on the flight {oh only a couple hundred $$ worth of movies}. UGH!!!!!!! Ah well, we arrived safely and are ready to start our vacation ~ Yea.

We had to go to the Dollar rent a car to get our car rental {a Jeep that seats 5} and the kids were tired and hungry and by this time bugging the heck out of each other {and more importantly ME!} I guess 7 hours of good behavior is more than can be asked for.

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Michelle said...

Yeah!! So excited you are blogging again. I have missed you. Look forward to "seeing" more of Hawaii.