Tuesday, March 30, 2010

SCUBA Diving with Ian

Terry has wanted Ian to SCUBA dive and he thought it was the perfect opportunity for him while we were on Spring break in Hawaii. I, on the other hand, was not thrilled with the idea and pretty much said "NO" all the way up to the point of going to the dive shop to rent snorkel gear. I must admit that that I had two Mei Tye's at lunch and I think they played a huge part in relaxing me and making me say yes. That and the chance to dive myself. We signed Ian up for an intro dive class and a dive and me for a refresher course {taken along with Ian} and a dive. We met with our Dive Master, Robin, and she instructed Ian on the principals of diving and refreshed my memory. We then got in the bay with all our SCUBA gear on for Ian to show her the "skills" that he learned and for me to show her that I remembered mine. We took our regulator in and out and filled our mask with water and emptied it. While Ian was clearing his regulator his mask filled with water almost every time and he very calmly emptied it. Robin said he was a natural.

Ian and I on the boat
We had a pretty awesome day! As we were heading to our first dive sight we saw a pod of dolphins and headed near them. The dolphins swam toward the boat and then in front of it taking turns jumping in the air in front of the boat. It truly was a sight to see. And it that wasn't enough before we could make it to our first dive site we saw a whale and her baby. We saw them blow air, wave a fin and show their tail. Truly and awesome sight. The best part was we ended up seeing three different groups of whales.
One of the whales
a turtle we saw underwater

Ian is "OK"

We also saw a reef shark underwater too and Ian borrowed Robins writing board to tell the world. That is Ian and I on the rope waiting to ascend slowly and to take our three minute time out before heading all the way up to the boat.
I love that you can see his blue eyes in this photo
I swam under him and took this photo and I love the way the water turned this color of blue.

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