Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Seriously Impressed with Sarah

My daughter had to write a story using her spelling words this week. I was so impressed with her writing I wanted to share her first paragraph where she used 12 of her 20 words.

The Poetry of Life
As I walked down the beach the waves glisten in beautiful ripples, a thousand thoughts run through my head. Thirteen crabs hurried into the water, grateful to float away. The smooth well ground sand was unusual. It felt different, not like I prefer it to feel. I wanted to scream at the world, but I held my tongue. I was falling into pieces faster than I could build I could build the building that is my emotions back up. I heard the notes of many instruments in my head playing a song, playing my song. It is an uphill battle that my inner soldier cannot defeat. The silver rays of the sunlight shine off the water pressed sand. I walk into the forest, the woodland creatures seem to peak their heads out and say hello, and the trees are all so tall they swayed back and forth as if they were trying to shake the birds from their hair. The birds didn't mind, they just sang a song. Other than that it was quiet.

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