Sunday, April 24, 2011


Lacrosse season has started and it has started off cold and rainy but it is turning out to be a good season anyway. Last year Ian played goalie a few times and really liked it and he has requested to play that position several times this year as well. I missed one the games and at the next practice 3 of the dad's came over to tell me what a great job he had done as goalie in the last game.

A shot of the coaches talking to the team. Ian is #84
I love these two shots of Ian throwing the ball, I got him in the air.
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Ian is on a team with his classmate Donny again this year which is nice for both of them

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Tara Edwards said...

Did you know Spencer is playing this year? He's not a huge huge fan yet (being a 3rd grader on a 3/4 team sort of gives you less playing time) but I love it!