Friday, December 3, 2010

Civil War Game

December 3, 2009
We bought tickets to the Duck vs Beavers Civil War game at our school auction and took the Clark's with us. We had so much fun. It was my first collage football game and what a game it was. Super exciting, packed stadium and cold cold cold! Every time the Ducks made a touchdown people would let green and yellow confetti fly in the air. The Ducks ended up winning and the confetti flew like crazy. Another highlight was the halftime show. Both teams marching bands put on a show and the Beavers did the Michael Jackson "Thriller" which was just amazing. It was a fun trip but such a long long drive.


The Pink Princess said...

love these photos too! Did you take your little camera with you? BTW, also really like the new profile photo, MUCH improved! Can't wait to see what you post on Sunday!

suz said...

It was so long ago I can't remember but I don't think I would have had my big camera with me.