Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Sarah!

About a month before Sarah's birthday she told me that she wanted to invite just a small amount of kids from school to go to dinner and a movie. She then informed me that two of the kids she wanted to invite were boys. I initially said that she should just invite girls and she told me that she had already told them so I let it go thinking that she was just friends with the two boys. So fast forward to the party day and we had three girls {including Sarah} and two boys. I had the kids change out of their uniforms before heading to the movie and Sarah was the first one out and jumping up and down super excited she said to me "I am so excited, this is my first boy/girl party" Ummmm, what? I thought it was just a birthday party. She is only in 3rd grade. After I got over my shock of hosting the very first boy/girl of the third grade class we headed to Bridgeport mall for the movie but since we were a little early they played on the play structure for a while before heading to the movie theatre where we say Astro Boy {cute movie}.
After the movie as we were walking to our car we went by a booth that passed out balloons and Astro Boy badges and pens {party favors ~ yea for me} and then headed to the Outback Steak House for dinner where Sarah could get her favorite meal ~ crab legs.

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