Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Castle Winery

Ok, so it had another name but I can't remember it. We stopped here and tasted wine and did a "self tour" around the castle. It was beautiful but not old. It was actually recently built although all the stones were brought in from Europe. Terry Slingsby kept calling it Disneyland for wine tasting ~ and in a way it kind of was.

We were knuckle heads and climbed up on this wall to get a photo ~ there was a very long drop on the other side and you can see I am holding on for dear life. I have a slight fear of heights. It was Terry's idea first though!

The winery was beautiful, and the light as we were leaving was perfect for taking photos.

we tasted some of the reserve wine that came with three different types of chocolate to see how different the wine tasted when you at the chocolate.

poor Terry was our designated driver for the day and had to put up with us.


Michelle said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pictures Suz!!! You can really tell what a FANTASTIC time you all had!!! Just beautiful!!

Molly Bell said...

Those are some great pictures! What great memories and what a fun auction package!!

The Pink Princess said...

Yes, you were a knuckle head for climbing that wall but the photo was worth it! As for Terry suffering as the driver....hmmm...by these photos with you girls I would say NOT! You did a lovely job!